aqualung snorkeling charter luxury yacht catamaran

Snorkeling is the easiest way of observing the underwater attractions. Equipped with the snorkeling set, which includes mask, snorkel and fins, you can admire the lush life in shallow water. Snorkeling doesn’t require significant swimming skills.

In our base you will find the most renowned and professional snorkeling AQUALUNG equipment. AQUALUNG masks, thanks to their innovate design, provide excellent performance and wearing comfort. They also give the finest field of vision due to the special lens position. AQUALUNG snorkels are adapted for convenient use and easy respiration. Very light AQUALUNG fins are durable, have anti-slip covering and additional reinforcements. Thanks to the ergonomic shape and back grip they are easy to pun on and take off.

Mask specification

Mask bodypure hypoallergenic silicone
Glassfloat quality, 4 mm thick
Bucklesquick adjustment, 360° rotating
Weight209 g

Snorkel specification

Curved D-shaped tube with flat face facing the face for greater comfort
100% silicone anatomical mouthpiece
Fixed-pipe with increased section to facilitate fixing and breaking
Splash guard with side discharge chamber for quick cleaning
Top made of TPR soft for added security
Purge Channel Splash Guard
Pipe clip

Fins specification

Comfortable and ergonomic shoe with different thicknesses
Exclusive photoengraved finishing of the rubber
Grip Effect inside the liner ensures maximum stability of the foot
Tab on the heel for easy wearing
The rigid sole guarantees excellent protection of the foot and good transmission of energy to the blade
Anti-slip plates on the back of the shoe
Double layer shovel enhances the elastic property of the fin
Structured longitudinal elements ensure a progressive and controlled bending
Compact shovel and low weight
Sizes from 27/30 to 46/47
Shovel length: 33 cm
Price: included in Transit Log

Water Toys rental depends on their availability. All optional extras need to be ordered at least 14 days before charter.