Max. speed on water20 km/h
Speed under water18 km/h
Speed regulation6 gears
Power supply1.8 kWh lithium-manganese batteries; 48 V; 38 Ah
Running time~ 60 min
Charging time~ 8 h
Max. diving depth40 m
Regulation of diving depthYES
Dimensions115.2 x 50.7 x 37.2 (cm)
Weight~ 35 kg
Buoyancy10 kg

SEABOB is the innovate device that gives you the opportunity for diving like fish and swimming on the water surface like a dolphin! It enables you to admire reefs and discover underwater species.  Thanks to the enormous thrust SEABOB is dynamic and reaches speed of 22 km/h over and 20 km/h under water. Maximum diving depth is 40 meters. Shallow depth is programmed, what then activates safety function preventing further immersion. SEABOB gives you 60 minutes of undisturbed water fun. It is handy, ergonomic and compact. Turn up the power and feel unlimited possibilities of water adventure!

1 Day – 6 Days €150/day
1 Week – 2 Weeks €100/day
3 Weeks – subject to negotiation

Water Toys rental depends on their availability. All optional extras need to be ordered at least 14 days before charter.