Outer Islands

The Outer Islands or Coralline Seychelles – is where true adventure lies, amid the azure world of the open ocean and the turquoise of remote lagoons. Natural integrity of the archipelagos remained untouched giving visitors a unique ecological experience in the world.

We will take you into the journey to the sparkling Outer Islands – 72 low-lying coral islands and atolls extended anywhere between 230km and 1150km from Mahé in an arc towards the coast of Africa. These miniature islands, idyllic sand banks, cays and lagoons offer untouched habitats for many species of wildlife. Outer Islands are a true sanctuary of marine life and can be entered only on special permission, but this is where the true adventure awaits.


Amirantes Group

  • Desroches
  • African Banks
  • Remire
  • D’Arros
  • St. Joseph Atoll
  • Poivre Atoll

Alphonse Group

  • Alphonse
  • Bijoutier
  • St François

Southern Coral Group

  • Coëtivy
  • Platte

Farquhar Group

  • Farquhar Atoll
  • Providence Atoll

Aldabra Group

  • Aldabra Atoll
  • Assumption
  • Astove
  • Cosmoledo Atoll


In the Seychelles bare boat is allowed on Inner Islands only (up to 50 nautical miles from Mahe). It means that if you wish to visit Outer Islands it is required to hire a local skipper (we can provide him).

Additionally, it is required to book Outer Islands Pack. It includes all handling fees, spare parts and tools, extra yacht services, sat phone, YB Tracking, costs of preparations spare canisters with fuel on yacht. Amirantes Pack does not include extra fuel or island passes (25 USD per person per day).

The price is:

  • 1000 EUR (7 days)
  • 1500 EUR (10 days)
  • 2000 EUR (14 days)

Please let us know if you are interested in going on the Outer Island as soon as possible. Visiting those islands is fascinating but requires some additional time to organizing many issues in advance.


The Amirantes is a linear chain of coral islands and atolls with Desroches the largest and nearest to Mahé (115 miles southwest –  around 12-15 sailing hours or 50 minutes flight). There are eight single islands (five low sand cays and three uplifted sand cays), plus three atolls with a total of 18 islets (St. Joseph Atoll with 14, Desroches with 1, Poivre Atoll with 3). The Amirantes archipelago host a number of colonies of sea birds such as frigates, fairy terns, crested terns, lesser noddies tropic birds, blue heron, Chinese heron, whimbrels, fodys and plovers. 



Alphonse Group lies south of the Amirantes Bank, separated from it by deep water (generally 1000 to 2000 meters deep), and consists of Alphonse Atoll and StFrançois Atoll. Alphonse Island, the principal island of the Alphonse Group, is a small triangular island barely 1.2km wide, sheltered by a spectacular coral reef. The island is shaped like an arrowhead, with trails of white foam flying out behind it as though it was skimming through the water. It provides excellent opportunities for fly-fishing and deep-sea fishing.

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coco charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles
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Located southeast from Mahe, separated by 171 km between them, the two sand cays that make up the Southern coral group are Ile Platte and Coëtivy. Platte Island is low and flat with an encircling reef containing a lagoon. Known for its rich fish life, Platte has an airstrip and is occasionally serviced by Island Development Company (IDC) aircraft from Mahé.


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coco charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles


Beautiful lagoons within the atolls offer secure anchorages from the sometimes-stormy seas that surround them. The Providence Atoll occupies an extensive bank of shallow water well known for its profusion of fish. It comprises Ile Providence, Ile Cerf – a true coconut island and St. Pierre – a small, raised coral island occupying its own small submarine bank. Farquhar has an airstrip and is serviced by aircraft from Mahé on a charter basis.


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coco charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles
coco charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles


At the southern extremity, around 1150 km from Mahé, lies Aldabra Atoll – the largest raised coral atoll in the world, comprising more than a dozen islands bordering a lagoon so vast the whole of Mahé could fit inside its perimeter. The atoll’s islands hosts a vast array of unique flora and fauna as well as the world’s largest population of 150,000 giant tortoises, and its lagoon boasts the most vibrant marine life of the entire archipelago.

The waters of Seychelles are home to some of the world’s richest fishing grounds. Especially unspoiled waters part of the Outer Island Group are home to the incredible variety of fish species, creating it a world-class destination for fishing. All the fishing is done around vast spectacular silver sand flats, or along the lagoons. Sensational trophies such as sailfish and barracudas, marlin or rainbow mackerels make the archipelago an exciting choice for experienced fishing enthusiasts as well as eager beginners.

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