Below you will find all basic information about how to book our charter.

For more information please check Terms & Conditions.



  1. To make a booking you can contact us either by e-mail, telephone or via booking systems. There is also possibility to make a booking through the Agent or a Broker.
  2. Once you contact us, you will be presented the offer of the charter at the time you are interested. The offer includes price, specifications of the yacht and other additional information.
  3. OPTION is the type of reservation that disappears after specified time, usually few days. We can block chosen dates for you if you need time to make a final decision.
  4. BOOKING is made when you are decided to take a charter. After that you will obtain set of the documents and details about payment. Please remember to check them carefully and inform us in case of any inaccuracies.
  5. In case of any requests from your side, please give us the information as soon as possible. The company will consider all your special inquiries.
  6. All documents must be filled, signed and send back no later than it is indicated in Booking Terms & Conditions.
  7. Payments are divided into two installments (50%/50% during COVID-19 pandemic: 25%/75%) and must be paid within the indicated period of time. Boat deposit is secured at check-in (cash/credit card).
  8. When all documents are send and payments are done we are happy to look forward to your arrival!
  1. Whether you book alone or as a group, we will only deal with the Contact Person in all subsequent correspondence, including changes, amendments and cancellations. The Contact Person, or in other words the Charterer, is a person with whom we sign the Booking Contract. The Contact Person is responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the personal details or any other information supplied.
  2. After confirmed booking, the Charterer is obligated to send to us following documents:
    • Signed Contract with Terms & Conditions
    • Crew List
    • Skipper sailing resume (for bareboat)
    • Travel details
  3. Necessary information for the contract are: Charterer full name, addresses, contact details, type of yacht, destination, renting period with date and hour of boarding, charter rate, obligatory and non-obligatory costs, yacht insurance value.
  4. Additional documents for which we may ask for are Charterer travel details and passport/ID number.
  5. Names and numbers on crew list must exactly match those in the Passenger’s passport/ID. It is essential that Charterer and his crew ascertain whether or not they can obtain relevant visas (if needed) and inoculations before making booking.
  1. Charter fee shall be made in two installments by the bank transfer only.
  2. General payment schedules:
    • booking > 4 weeks to charter:
      • 50% (during COVID-19 pandemic: 25%) – no later than 7 days from the reservation day
      • 50% (during COVID-19 pandemic: 75%) – no later than 30 days before charter day
    • booking < 4 weeks to charter (last minute):
      • 100% – on the reservation day
    • FLEXIBLE BOOKING (optional fee for full refund) – purchasing the additional Flexible Booking option guarantees a full refund of the amount paid at any time. It also guarantee the possibility to postpone charter date to another date in case where booking is cancelled due to a personal reasons.
      • the Flexible Booking fee is 10% from the total charter amount;
      • Flexible Booking is non-refundable;
      • Flexible Booking to be paid together with the first instalment for the charter.
  3. Boat deposit is secured at check-in. Both cash and credit card are acceptable. If the Charterer made a deposit at base in form of a card hold, and the Operator during check-out recorded on boat damage, lack of fuel or other justifying losses, the amount to be covered by the Charterer will be increased by banking transaction in the amount of 3.5% (amount depending on the bank, it may change).
  4. The Charterer is responsible for additional running expenses occurring during the charter such as fuel, water, electricity, food, pilotage, mooring and docking fees, port charges, cruising taxes and park permits and customs – these charges are not part of the charter package. Charterer rent boat with full tank of fuel and must return with full tank of fuel as well.
  5. We don’t take responsibility for tourist taxes, resort fees or similar fees that are charged locally and which must be paid by Charterer and his crew to local authorities. Depending on the destinations and local regulations, you might be obligated to register on the islands and purchase the necessary permits in accordance with the local regulations.
  1. In case of last minute booking all necessary documents must be send to Operator on the same day when booking was confirmed. For bareboat charter skipper documents (sailing resume and license) must be approved by Seychelles authorities from SMSA. This procedure can take up to 3 working days. In case of lack approved documents the Operator does not take responsibility for delay, change in Charterer sailing plan or its cancellation.
  2. Payment have to be made at latest 24-hours before check in date (counts the date of posting on the Operator bank account).
  1. Unaccompanied Passengers under the age of 18 years need a letter of consent to travel alone from a legal guardian. Charterer takes responsibility for underage crew member. The minimum age for an unaccompanied Passenger is 18 years of age on the date of departure.
  2. For Bareboat Charters: by making a booking, Charterer confirm that he and/or crew members are capable and competent to sail the yacht in the conditions and cruising area of charter in-line with port authority regulations advised at point of sale. The Charterer is responsible for ensuring that all Passengers have the necessary documentation for the cruising area.
  3. The Company collects, stores and processes personal data of the charter and the crew for the purpose of administering and managing the charter and all other services provided by the company and its partners and will continue to hold data after the charter ends. The information may be disclosed to marine, government, insurance and other organizations.