Comfortable mouthpiece
Air distributor
Air tube: 10 m
Compressor: 12V
Battery: 12V 22 Ah
Cabling with 12V socket
Rectifier connector
Air outlet connector
Air intake

Freediver is the 12V Surface Operated Snorkel Device that gives you the possibility to experience the fascinating underwater world. It is light, compact and definite portable mechanism with small, but highly efficient 12 Volt operated air piston compressor. Additional equipment, like comfortable mouthpiece, air distributor or air tube, enables you to dive safe and easy up to 10 meters deep. Freediver can be used in two ways: it can remain on the boat and be powered by the boat’s battery or it can float on the water surface and be powered by its own internal rechargeable battery. For floating version running time equals approximately 1 hour. For onboard – running time depends on the boat’s battery.

1 Day – 6 Days €75/day
1 Week – 2 Weeks €50/day
3 Weeks – subject to negotiation

Water Toys rental depends on their availability. All optional extras need to be ordered at least 14 days before charter.