New cancellation conditions for existing bookings

In the case the Client is unable to reach the marina for the check-in due to travel restrictions (i.e. official statement from relevant authority to not to travel to the destination, flight cancellation or if the border is closed):

a) the charter company does not allow cancellation of the charter and does not make any refunds; instead, the charter company offers beneficial solutions contained in b) and c);

b) if the charter is fully paid, the Client can choose new dates in 2020 or 2021 (except Christmas, NYE or Easter) at no extra cost (does not apply to the 2020 Easter or Christmas bookings transferred to 2021). If the charter amount for the selected new date is higher, the Client does not pay the price difference. If the charter amount is lower, the Client does not receive a refund of the difference;

if the charter is not fully paid, the Client will receive a credit note certificate in the amount of the payment made. The Client can postpone the reservation and choose new dates at the most convenient for him time using a credit note (in this case the credit note will be used to cover the first payment for the charter and any remaining amount will be used and transferred to the second payment). The remaining amount to be paid shall be divided into two parts. One part should be paid within the current deadline. The second part should be paid up to 30 days before the new charter date. The charter company also gives the possibility to move charter to the exact the same dates in 2021 keeping the same conditions.

Special flexibility for new bookings

For all new reservations made for the current 2020 year:

  1. The Client may cancel new reservation without any costs up to 30 days from the date of confirmation.
  2. The charter company offers new payment conditions.
  • 20% – 1st payment, no later than 7 days after confirming new booking
  • 30% – 2nd payment – date to be negotiable
  • 50% – last payment, 30 days before charter day

If the reason of change/cancellation is not due to above travel restrictions, the previous conditions remain.



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