Everyone can go on a yacht vacation. If you don’t have the required qualifications and you don’t have the skills to led a yacht, you can hire a local skipper that will take you to the best places in Seychelles! You can check the prices here>>.

Seychelles require a passport for entry (must be valid at least six months). For some Guests (Ukraine, Russia), there is an invitation letter required (this letter is provided by us together with a boarding pass).

Skipper confirms having the nautical experience appropriate to his sailing plan, have proper to vessel sailing license issued by a recognized governmental organization along with radio certificate SRC and being conversant with the operation of the booked yacht:

We accepts the following licenses:
1) official RYA or similar certificate
2) official state patents
3) SRC approved by MCA

We don’t accept the license:
2) Croatian Voditelj Brodice
3) Inland licenses
4) other licenses that prevent from offshore sailing

Additional information:

Skipper is obligated to send via mail a sailing resume confirming that he led the catamaran at least 4 (four) weeks in previous years. The sailing license, SRC radio certificate and sailing resume must be approved by the Base Manager and the local authority at the charter site.

Find more about procedures requirements here>>.

No, we don’t allow animals on board.


To make a booking you can contact us either by e-mail, telephone or via booking systems. There is also possibility to make a booking through the Agent or a Broker.

After you book your charter you will obtain set of the documents and all details about payment. Please remember to check them carefully and inform us in case of any inaccuracies. All documents must be filled, signed and send back no later than it is indicated in a Booking Terms & Conditions. After we have a full payment and we have completed all documents you will receive a boarding Pass and we will be happily looking forward to your arrival!


Open: Mon – Fri
Hours: 8 AM – 4 PM
Phone: +48 600 570 278 or +44 20 80 89 20 11 (UTC +1)

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Charter fee shall be made in two instalments by the bank transfer only.

  1. General payment schedules:

booking more than 6 weeks to charter:

  • 50% – up to 7 days from the reservation day
  • 50% – 30 days before charter day

booking less than 6 weeks to charter (last minute):

  • 100% – up to 3 days from the reservation day along with payment confirmation
  1. Last minute bookings:

In case of last minute booking all necessary documents and payment must be send to Operator up to 3 days from the reservation day. Payment have to be made no later than before check-in.

If the required payments and documents are not sent on time, charter will be cancelled.

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The price includes the yacht charter only, without a skipper. We give to your disposal clean boat with full tank of fuel and water. In addition for bareboat, everyone must pay a Transit log which is payable in cash or by credit card on the spot before the charter.

  • Transit log cats <40 ft: €320
  • Transit log cats 41-45 ft: €340
  • Transit log cats 46-49 ft: €360
  • Transit log cats 50-54 ft: €390
  • Transit log cats 55< ft: €420

Everything that is necessary falls within the cost of Transit Log, therefore there are no other hidden additional costs.

Transit log includes: final cleaning, starter pack, handling fees, WiFi router (Internet can be ordered at base), gas bottles, full tank of fuel and water, dinghy, outboard engine, set of linen (no duvet), shower and beach towels, snorkeling gear, free first and last night at base, luggage storage on the day of charter during office hours, option to store products in the fridge before charter, cold beverages in the office during check-in.

Starter pack includes: water, fresh fruits, Coke cans, washing up liquid, dish cloth/sponge, garbage bags, kitchen towels, liquid soaps in toilets, matches, toilet paper in each head.

Passenger insurance, mooring & park fee, yacht consumables during the charter, food and drinks for Guests, transfer from the airport, boat damage deposit are not included in a charter price.


  • Embarkation is at 5 PM on the first day of your charter.
  • Disembarkation is at 8 AM on the last day of your charter, with obligation to return to base the day before till 5 PM.

Charterer can order boat damage deposit at EIS Insurance Company on his own, however still full deposit must be paid at base. In case of any damages occurred during charter, Coco Charter will deduct the amount from the deposit and the Client will have to claim for refund directly to EIS on his own.

You can fill the form online using links below:

At first, you shall visit our office, where you will be warmly welcomed by our friendly team. Our office can be found in the prestigious Eden Plaza passage at the entrance where we offer hot and cold drinks and also a place to rest. They will look after you and will take you to the yacht.

Office address:
Coco Charter Seychelles
Eden Island, Eden Plaza, Shop nr 52
Victoria, Mahé

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How can we pay for extras at base?

You can pay at base in cash or via credit card (in EURO). For all card payments made at base an additional bank fee of 3.5% will be applied (price may change). Does not apply to authorization hold.

What cards do you accept at base?

Accepted are MasterCard, VISA and Union Pay only.

Once all document and payment procedures are finished we continue check-in procedures. We conduct briefings in order to audit the condition of the boat, inventory, inform about the weather conditions, mooring and anchoring spots, sailing procedures in Seychelles and give other useful advice. The briefing is divided into three parts:

  • Inventory Check
  • Technical Briefing
  • Chart Briefing

We make every effort to ensure that the boat provides the highest quality and that you are fully informed about all the most important matters related to sailing in Seychelles.

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Cruising area for bareboat charter is 50 nautical miles from Mahé and includes all Inner Islands. In our fleet, we also have yachts that can sail over 50 NM, but this is possible only for well-experienced skippers that have experience in ocean waters and his skills and experience must be confirmed by our Base Manager first. To sail more than 50 NM is possible only with a local skipper (Outer Islands).

Embarkation/disembarkation at Praslin is possible for an additional fee of 275 € – one way.

  • Embarkation: you must be aware that if we have the end of the charter on that morning, your check-in will only be possible the next morning. However, the overnight on the yacht will be possible, but only after signing a statement that the yacht is in good condition, all toilets and pipes are unobstructed and you are responsible for any damage that may be caused during your overnight.
  • Disembarkation: at 8 AM on the last day of your charter, with an obligation to return to Praslin the day before till 5 PM.



In our fleet we have catamarans from 44ft to 58ft. You can find yachts starting from 4 double cabins + 2 single cabins to 6 double cabins + 1 single cabin. Depending on the number of Guests or your needs, we will help you choose the one that suits you best.

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It depends on the yacht. Please see below for bareboat charter::

  • Leopard 48: max 10 passengers (crewed charter: max crew is 2 + 8 Guests)
  • Helia 44 Evolution: max 10 passengers (crewed charter: max crew is 2 + 8 Guests)
  • Saba 50: max 13 passengers (crewed charter: max crew is 2 + 11 Guests)
  • Saona 47: max 11 passengers (crewed charter: max crew is 2 + 9 Guests)

Guests cannot sleep in saloon, only cabins. Crew list cannot have more passengers than boat license allows.

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Depending on the yacht. Some of our yachts (Leopard 48) have two forepeak cabins that are perfect for the crew – skipper and hostess or cook. One of the forepeak cabins also has a shower and toilet.

On some yachts, there are forepeak cabins but they have no toilet or shower and the Guest will have to share one of their toilets with a crew.

If you order for example skipper and cook, please remember you have to provide them separate cabins (double or single). Please settle the cabins selection before your crewed charter begins.

The air conditioning works in the living room and cabins, not in the forepeak. It works without any problem when the boat is connected to the shore power in marina. When stationary at the anchor and on the buoy, it needs to use a generator. We suggest not to use the AC during sailing, because then it may not work efficiently. Also on all of our boats there are fans.

Forepeaks are single cabins located in front of the one or both hulls. They are small laminated cabins, with single bed (size around 2m x 0,5/0,9m). Some of the forepeaks have toilets and shower (Leopard 48).

Yachts in our fleet are only catamarans, which gives a lot of space on board. Moving around the cockpit and the living room should not be difficult, because they are spacious and divided by a large sliding door. It may be difficult to enter the yacht (few centimetres above the water line) and going to hulls (several stairs divide them).


We provide only the highest quality catamarans while providing the best level of security during sailing. The equipment that you can find on board provides comfort and convenience in terms of housing: generator 230V, air condition, teak deck, grill, ice maker, watermaker, coffee maker – everything that you need is there. But also – what is very important – all our catamarans have ocean safety equipment such as life raft, sat phone, radar, AIS, EPIRB, SOLAS life jackets.

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The Internet is available in Internet Cafes on the three main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. There is also the option of purchasing a local SIM card (Cable & Wireless or Airtel), that can be inserted into the phone or modem. In case of using the Internet from your own provider, check the international roaming charges.

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Each boat is equipped with life vests for all Guests. In addition to vests for adults, we have vests for children:

  • 7 pieces XS size: weight 20-30 kg, buoyancy 40 N, chest 65-75 cm
  • 3 pieces S size: weight 30-40 kg, buoyancy 50 N, chest 75-86 cm



For a long charterer, the skipper is on board on the check-in hour (standard 17h00), he is accompanied each day during your charter, disembarking on the last day after check-out (standard after 08h00).

Please have that in mind – skipper must also sleep well and have good sleeping conditions.

No, Guests needs to cover all costs during the charter, including food for the crew. If everyone goes to a restaurant, it is customarily accepted that the crew is also invited.

Hostess main duties are:

  • Check the boat inside before Guest arrival.
  • Stow the provisions ready for sea (purchased by Guests).
  • Serves beverages during the day.
  • Keep the common spaces tidy. Also, she will throw out the garbage and clean the fridge.

Hostess is not responsible for shopping or cooking, however she can prepare sandwiches or snacks.

Main duties for cook are:

  • Stow the provisions ready for sea (purchased by Guests).
  • Daily shopping (cost is covered by the Guests).
  • Cooking: breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • If necessary, he will prepare snacks between meals.
  • Serve beverages with meals.
  • Wash up and put away the dishes after meals and make the salon tidy after cooking.

Skipper one and only duty is to take responsibility for the boat and your safe holidays. He will suggest you a route for your charter, take you there, maneuver with a boat when anchoring, check the weather, etc. All of our skippers are experienced, however they might need your help during maneuvers.

If you order a crew, you pay a daily rate for their services. If you are very satisfied with the quality of service, decide for yourself whether you want and how much you give a tip.


Yes, you can rent a car on site, but why don’t you just relax and let us take care of it, we will also help you with it!

Find out more here>>.

Yes, we organize a transfer from/to the airport. If you need a transfer just simply let us know and we will take care of this.

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From our base in Eden Island to marina in Praslin it takes around 3-4 hours. Of course it depends on weather conditions.

The airport is around 10 km from our base, so it will take up to 15 minutes to get to us by a car. Of course we can arrange a taxi transfer for you and your friends.

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Unfortunately we do not have separate luggage room to keep all you luggages. However we will do our best to prepare your boat as soon as possible.

We cooperate with few best hotels in Mahe, so we can arrange for you the best option. Hotel, Villa or Residence – just let us know what do you prefer.

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In the event of such an event:

  • all our yachts have radio equipment, you can call for help via VHF (Channel 16)
  • please contact our Office Manager +248 276 47 00 or Base Manager +248 282 12 13.

Snorkel gear and fins are provided on every yacht and we also provide a variety of water toys and accessories such as Freediver, SUP, a good quality fishing rods and many more. Please also check out very popular and loved by our Guests Seabob F5S !

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We provide one set of towels per person (one set: 1 x beach and 1 x bath towel).

If you wish you can hire additional towel:

  • beach towel [70cm x 140cm] – €15/ person/charter
  • bath towel [100cm x 50cm] – €10/person/charter

On Eden Island there are some small and medium shops, where you can buy provisions. Most of the products can be found there. Bigger shops can be found on the way to Victoria city. Please keep in mind that the availability of well-known products in Seychelles may be limited.

Find more here>>.

The nearest shopping center is Eden Plaza. There you can find bank, beauty saloons, restaurants, clothes shops, supermarket and many other. The supermarket called SPAR is located in shop 54, trading hours: Mon-Sat: 09h00 – 20h00, Sun: 09h00 – 14h00. More information can be found www.edenplaza.sc.

When going on vacation on a yacht, it is best to pack in the so-called sailing bag. A soft bag is much more practical to store. After embarking in the cabin, unpack your things to the cabinets (our modern yachtyt have many shelves and lockers), and hide the bag or use it for later shopping in Seychelles.

If you pack into a hardside luggage, also unpack your belongings in the cabin and leave the empty suitcase in a comfortable and safe place. Remember that hardside luggage can move during sailing, which can damage the yacht. To save a lot of space on the yacht, money and any problems with the damages, we sincerely recommend to pack in soft bags.


For our Guests that arrives few hours before embarkation, we can collecting luggages while they are doing shopping. Depending on your flight, we can arrange luggage store between 09h00-17h00. If you want to leave luggage in different hours, it’s for additional fee 25€ per one piece. Just let us know what’s the plan, so it will be easier for us to arrange everything.


Yes, it is possible. Clients should come with soft bags like sailing bag, not hardside luggage and suitcases. Cost for soft bag is 25€ per one piece (one-time fee). Please inform us beforehand if you plan to leave your luggage during your charter.


Yes, it is possible. We can keep your luggage in the office hours Mon-Fri: 8h00-16h00, Sat: 9h00-14h00, Sun: under discussion. If you want to leave luggage in different hours, it’s for additional fee 25€ per one piece.