For quick moving around the Seychelles and visiting remote islands use domestic flights. You can choose between local airlines offering inter-island connections and VIP helicopter airline. Perfect for island-hopping!

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Zil Air

Zil Air offers luxury helicopter flights and aerial limo services in the Seychelles.

Zil Air has the access to 21 helipads and 7 landing strips on various islands.

Zil Air services include scenic flights, private and VIP transfers, excursions and other attractions as sunset romantic flights.

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Air Seychelles

Air Seychelles offers domestic flights to Praslin and following islands: Bird, Denis, Frégate, D’Arros.

Between Mahé and Praslin there are approximately 20 flights each day. The trip takes around 15 minutes.

Charter flights can be booked at most hotel receptions, resort operators or at the travel office.