The waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding the Seychelles archipelago are characterized by an extremely colorful and diverse environment – the sculpture of the bottom, the richness of corals and fauna. They are a great place to dive and explore the world of coral reefs. In addition to beaches and beautiful, exotic landscapes, diving is the biggest attraction of the islands.

The islands belonging to the Seychelles archipelago are divided into the Inner Islands and the Outer Islands. The Inner Islands are made of granite and are the tops of the underwater mountain range. The Outer Islands are generally located within shallow reefs and coral atolls. The waters surrounding these two types of islands often differ in fauna and bottom sculpture.

Diving off the coast of Seychelles is theoretically possible throughout the year. However choosing the best conditions consider the seasonal winds, visibility, location of specific islands, as well as seasons when the most species of fish that we want to observe appears.

The best diving conditions both within the Inner and Outer Islands occur in April, May, October and November. Then the water temperature is around 29°C, and the visibility is excellent (up to 30 m). Good conditions are also in December and January. Only the surface of the ocean can be more agitated due to the north-west winds.

In the waters surrounding Seychelles over 1000 different species of fish and two species of sea turtles were counted. The most interesting fish include whale sharks, manta rays, beautiful butterflies, fish from the legulaceae family, fish-soldiers, barracuda, rays, reef sharks, hammer sharks.

In addition to fish and turtles, numerous invertebrates live here, including octopus.

The rocks surrounding the Inner Islands are covered with coral and sponge, sometimes creating impressive reefs. Equally impressive is the wealth of fish species that inhabit these reefs.

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snorkeling set fish reef water fun yacht play sailing catamaran seychelles cat luxury holidays charter

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