“Due to the coronavirus pandemic, for each existing and new booking, the charter company reserves the right to change the charter conditions [T&C / §15 Final provisions / 2)]. Until further notice, each booking is subject to this Covid-19 T&C.”

Conditions for existing bookings 

In the case the Client is unable to reach the marina for the check-in due to travel restrictions (borders are closed, tickets were cancelled, 14-day quarantine is required after returning to Client’s home country):

  1. The charter company reserves the right to wait with the final decision on the postponement or issue of the voucher for no earlier than 30 days before the planned charter day. The second payment for the charter should be made according to the originally agreed schedule and paid to the indicated bank account no later than 30 days before the charter date.
  2. The charter company does not allow cancellation of the charter and does not make any refunds. Instead, the charter company gives the opportunity to reschedule charter date without a fee for alternative dates in 20211 (date to be established) or issue a credit note certificate2 (voucher) for the amount paid.
  3. For reservations 30 days before the charter day or less, the Client has flexible options as per point 2).
  4. In the case the Client wants to postpone the date to the next year and the yacht is not available on the selected date (yacht booked by another Client), the charter company will offer an alternative yacht similar size and standards or a different date (excluding Christmas, New Year’s or Easter, unless the reservation relates to this date).
  5. If the Client cancel the charter for his own reasons (restrictions do not apply to Client’s country), Client is subject to a cancellation policy according to signed by Client Terms & Conditions [T&C].

Conditions for new bookings

For all new reservations:

a) the charter company offers new payment conditions3

  • 25% – 1st instalment – no later than 7 days after confirming new booking
  • 75% – 2nd instalment –30 days before the start of the charter

b) FLEXIBLE BOOKING4 (optional fee for full refund) – Get a full refund if you cancel your charter at any time:

  • the Flexible Booking fee is 10% from the total charter amount;
  • Flexible Booking is non-refundable;
  • Flexible Booking to be paid together with the first instalment for the charter.


1 Full charter fee required to be paid. Depending on the start and/or end date of the charter, an additional amount of € 100 or € 150 for the transit log may be required.
2 Credit note is valid one (1) year and can be used for a future charters in 2021 or 2022.
3 The new payment terms have been set due to the ongoing global pandemic and are not constant terms. The new payment terms apply to each new booking made. The charter company reserves the right to change the payment terms to the original established at any time. The new payment terms established during the booking process are not subject to change.
4 Purchasing the additional Flexible Booking option guarantees a full refund of the amount paid. It also guarantee the possibility to postpone charter date to another date in case where booking is cancelled due to a personal reasons.




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