List of countries from which visitors are permitted to enter Seychelles

changes to current list are effective from Monday 14 September 2020

CanadaNew Zealand
IcelandSri Lanka
LithuaniaUnited Arab Emirates
Changes to the list: Egypt, Sweden, Vietnam & Pakistan added; Hungary removed.

Before arriving in the Seychelles

Preparation before arriving in the Seychelles

Client will have to send several documents to the Seychelles Ministry of Health (i.e. rental contract, plane ticket, Covid test results). We recommend for Client to send everything to us and next, we will send all these documents to Ministry of Health on Seychelles directly, along with all other documents from our side (i.e. crew list – that must be also provided to us no later than 30 days before charter day). If Client has booked a hotel or resort as well, Client need to deal with them directly and they must guide him from their own side.

Documents need to be prepared in advance:

It is necessary to book our transfer and use our provisioning service for shopping. At the moment Client should be transferred straight from the airport to base and they are not allowed to go around shops on the arrival.

Please note that Client need to take with him a non-contact thermometer, decontamination fluids and masks so that each crew member has one mask per day in Seychelles.

At the moment for all charters that have requested for a local skipper (not bareboat), it is also necessary to hire one more crew member (deckhand, cook or hostess – fee apply).

After arriving in the Seychelles


When you will leave the plane your passport and other documents will be checked. After this, our driver will pick you up from the terminal. You can be able to relax then… Shuttle is to Eden Marina directly.

Check-in procedure

When you arrive to Eden Marina you and your crew will be asked to come by the Coco Charter Seychelles office door. ONLY ONE person can enter premises – Skipper and/or Party Leader to proceed with documents and payments. Others can wait outside the office on a bench or go to a nearby bar / restaurant with keeping social distancing and wearing Personal Protection Equipment. As soon as office matters are finished skipper will be asked to go to the boat. He will go through check-in procedure on the boat with Coco Charter Seychelles Technician. After this Skipper and/or Party Leader is responsible for crew and the boat.

Rest of the crew in the meantime can go for shopping, enjoy drinks and food in variety of restaurants, bars and cafes in Eden Plaza. Crew may enter Eden Marina and boat itself after check-in is done.

Crew Accommodation

Skipper or Party Leader is obligated to show to rest of the crew their cabins. During charter crew CANNOT change cabins.

Duties during the charter

Skipper or Party Leader is responsible for informing and updating Coco Charter Seychelles Health and Safety Officer (HSO). Also he is obligated to check temperature of crew members at least once a day, log it in log book and send this data to HSO. 

Skipper is obliged to check the temperature and health condition of each Guest and send the results to our office. (Skipper or Party Leader will receive link to the special form that has to be submitted every day).

Crew is obligated to sanitize boat at least 3 times a day with bleach-based cleaning agent. This procedure has to be logged as well (time of completing).

If any of the crew member can identify COVID-19 symptoms Skipper or Party Leader is obligated to isolate this crew member in his cabin and  inform HSO and call 141 alert number to get all necessary information and guidelines.

If crew is going to land they have to wear masks and maintain social distancing. Skipper or Party Leader is responsible for taking care of this.

Before leaving the boat crew is obligated to:

  • sanitize all flat surfaces and bathrooms
  • pack dirty laundry and towels into plastic bags
  • wash all kitchenware 
  • put all trashes to trashbags
  • if there is no rain open all hatches, windows, and doors

Crew has to be ready to leave boat at 08:00. Only Skipper and/or Party Leader stays on a boat. Crew should move to Eden Plaza with maintaining social distancing and taking care of their luggage. Skipper will complete check-out procedure with Coco Charter Seychelles Technician. After completing this part Skipper and/or Party Leader will be asked to take bags with laundry to the shore, unpack it and count it with Coco Charter employee, who will keep it distance, then pack it back to bags.

Before leaving the Seychelles


Test has to completed due to airlines regulations (usually up to 72h before take-off). It can be made on two islands:

  • Mahe – Maison de football , Sport complex, Roche caiman 
  • Praslin – Baie St. Anne Praslin Hospital 

On Island of Mahe Coco Charter Seychelles will provide transportation from Eden Marina to Maison de Football. 

Cost of the test is 2500 SCR (~125 EUR). For children under 12 yo and adults over 65 year test is free of charge. 

The results will be e-mailed next day if the test was made before noon.

To each reservation we will add extra 60 EUR for test transfers (we will take the Client to the test point and back – this is mandatory).

Contact details:

Health and Safety Officer:

Aleksander Piechowiak

Ph.: (+248) 260 13 32

Information about payment and procedures:

Ph.: (+248) 438 84 10 

Emergency COVID-19 number:

Ph. (+248) 141




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