We offer our help with transport between airport and marina. If you are interested remember to contact us before your arrival. Prices are valid for the round trip.

1-3 pax40 EUR65 EUR
4-6 pax80 EUR130 EUR
7-9 pax100 EUR150 EUR
10-13 pax150 EUR200 EUR
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Embarkation / Check-in

Sailing license

According to Seychelles regulations, having sailing license and SRC is necessary to charter yacht. Coco Charters require from Charterer/Skipper current sailing resume and scan of sailing license, SRC license & passport/ID. Sailing license must be approved by the base manager and local authorities.

Approved licenses:
1) Official RYA or similar
2) Official state patents
3) SRC approved by MCA

We do not accept:
2) Croatian Voditelj Brodice
3) Inland licences
4) Other licenses that prevent from offshore sailing


Embarkation on the boat is possible only after having:
• Signed Contract with Terms & Conditions
• Paid 100% charter fee (extras are paid at base)
• Paid boat damage deposit

Deposit & Expenses

The Deposit will be taken prior to embarkation and if Charterer do not pay, Operator reserve the right to cancel booking without further liability and without any right to a refund. Charterer will not be entitled to continue with the charter.

All optional extras (incl. water toys) need to be ordered at least 14 days before charter. They are paid with the Deposit during Check-In procedures.

The Charterer is responsible for additional running expenses occurring during the charter such as fuel, water, electricity, food, pilotage, mooring and docking fees, port charges, cruising taxes and park permits and customs – these charges are not part of the charter package. Charterer rent boat with full tank of fuel and must return with full tank of fuel as well (more info below).

charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles

Maneuvering Skills

Skipper is obligated to demonstrate his skills in maneuvering the yacht in marina or port during check-in. It consists in the fact that shortly before the scheduled departure, in the presence of an Operator employee, the skipper shows that he has a control over the yacht. In the situation of a negative assessment of the Operator employee, the skipper is obligated to purchase 1,5-hour training and if the training would not bring any progress, he is obliged to take skipper from Charter Company according to the price list. In such case, the cost of training covers the first day of skipper work. Arranging new skipper may last up to 24-hours, however in case of lack of available skipper Charter might be cancelled; Operator does not take responsibility for delay, change in Charterer sailing plan or its cancellation.


Once all document and payment procedures are finished we continue check-in procedures. We conduct briefings in order to audit the condition of the boat, inventory, inform about the weather conditions, mooring and anchoring spots, sailing procedures in the Seychelles and give other useful advices. Briefing is divided into three parts:

  • Inventory Check;
  • Technical Briefing;
  • Chart Briefing.

We make every effort to ensure that the boat provides the highest quality and that you are fully informed about all the most important matters related to sailing in the Seychelles.

During the cruise

Cruising Area

Cruising area for bareboat charter is 50 nautical miles from Mahé and includes all Inner Islands.

Night mooring

In the Seychelles mooring or anchoring must be done before 17.30 each day. Start of sailing can not be earlier than at 6.00. It is forbidden to sail between 17.30 and 6.00. Breaking these rules is equivalent to the loss of the deposit.

Log Book

Keeping a Log Book is insisted by local authorities and insurance companies, so the Charterer is obligated to update it in a daily manner. In case of the accident or any losses Log Book is the basis for the investigation.

Genset use

The Charterer is allowed to use genset 8h per day. Every additional hour of genset use costs 3 Euro. This price does not include the price of used fuel.

Emergency call

In case of emergency please contact our Office Manager.

You can also call the Coast Guard:
+248 222 47 01
VHF Channel 16 – Seychelles Radio

Disembarkation / Check-out


Disembarkation starts at 8.00 last day of the charter. However you are obligated to come back to the marina day before till 17h00.

Check-Out Procedure 

During the Check-Out there are conducted Inventory and Damage Check. We check the boat under the water, sails, electric devices, engine and genset use, oil levels in engine and gearbox. The Charterer is obligated to refill the fuel tanks and present the receipt (with date and hour) in the base.

In case of not refilling the tanks, there is charged a fee according to the calculation below:

engine and genset working hours x 4 L x 1,5 euro


If during the Check-Out no boat damages, deficiencies and losses in inventory or changes in check list are observed, the whole amount of deposit is returned. In case of any irregularities, the amount proportional to losses will be taken from the deposit.




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