Tailored to deliver luxury water experience!

Coco Charter is a new brand operated by sailors who have been in the market for over 15 years now and have gained their experience sailing on various vessels.
We have recognized needs of sailors and crews. Our fleet is designed to meet demand for better than average yachts, that will provide an excellent experience.
Imagine yacht designed to provide blue water performance and comfortable living spaces, equipped with best hotel amenities creating that five star feeling you are looking for.
With us your holiday will be an unforgettable ocean adventure, where you will discover paradise beaches and tropical secrets. Choose one of the options – to sail as a captain with your crew or enjoy all-inclusive service as a chartered yacht passenger with a professional crew.
We offer a variety of additional products and services, from water-sports toys to short-term thematic charters.
In Coco Charter we do our best to provide you the excellent customer service. We will help you to organize the whole holidays – including flights, hotel accommodation, transit to the base, planning cruise tours and much more.

From our Founder:

“Coco Charter is the fulfillment of my dreams of a place where all sailing enthusiasts can meet together. Catamarans are safe and have great nautical performance. It makes them excellent for experienced sea dogs, families and couples on their honeymoons. I feel that sailing is for everybody and my aim is to show that and inspire people to spend their holidays on water, especially in tropical paradise where we are stationed.”


coco charter team luxury catamaran seychelles


Konrad’s passion for sailing began when he was a child, his father took him on boats before he could even walk. As a child he used to spend a lot of his time on boats and since then open water is his natural environment and sailing is his life. He started his career early and obtained his first sailing license at 13 years of age. While working for ten years as a skipper he has visited almost every corner of the world . His experience allows us to adapt our charters to the needs of our guests, even the most demanding ones.



coco charter team luxury catamaran seychelles


Our base manager and technical specialist about catamarans. He will show you around the boat, explain how everything works and helps in case of mechanical issues. Rafal has great sailing experience as he entered the yacht first at the age of 15.


+248 282 12 13 (UTC +4)

coco charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles


Agnes is also responsible for booking and client service. She also organizes thematic events and manages all urgent matters related to charters.


tel. +48 600 570 278 (UTC +1)


Olga fell in love with sailing not that long looking back but thanks to the passion she first visited Seychelles 3 years ago and sailed around most of the Inner Islands discovering their beauty and uniqueness. Olga has brought in to the team 12 years of hospitality experience that she gained in some of the top Restaurants and Private Members Clubs in London, UK. You can meet her in our base where she will happily assist you with any queries and ensure your visit to Seychelles is nothing short of perfect.


+248 282 68 27 (UTC +4)


Paul is our logistics specialist managing transport within our company. He is responsible for coordinating the flow of materials in the company, capable of creative thinking and an open approach to operational and business issues. His main feature is indispensability and the ability to make decisions under time pressure. He is a versatile man with a strong character and mature psyche. These features allowed him to survive not one storm.


Hi I am Jeddy. I live all my life at Seychelles. I enjoy our beautiful weather a lot and like to spend my free time at the beach with my friends. According to my work I am very focused and I will try to prepare every little detail on on high quality level to make your visit even more unforgettable.


Hi my name is Marie – May Sultan and I am 50 years old. Im friendly and outgoing with 10 years experience in this field and worked for different charter companies.


Hi my name is Leroy Labiche and im 24 years old. Very friendly and enjoying life to its fullest, studied 2 years in Fishing Technology which covers everything that has to do with the Marine Industry. In my spare time I hang out with my family and watch football, I also do some fishing with my friends and always ready to learn anything new.

Booking systems

coco charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles

Coco Charter uses two booking systems:

  • MMK Booking Manager
  • Sedna System

Coco Charter is the Operator certified by Booking Manager and granted with Silver Partner Membership. This is the confirmation that Coco Charter is a professional legal entity, properly registered for yacht charter activity in the country of origin, with owned or centrally managed fleet of yachts. Silver membership provides Charter Operator stability assurance to agencies using the Booking Manager System.

As MMK Booking System is used as the primary system it guarantees real time booking. This ensures that availability and price details are accurately published in real time to users of Booking Manager.

All private clients and active agencies in the Booking System have guaranteed free of charge access to availability, pricing information and real time booking of Silver Charter Operator fleets via www.booking-manager.com portal. Create an account and stay up to date with our booking schedule and discounts!

coco charter luxury sailing catamaran seychelles

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If you plan to spend your best holidays in Seychelles, we can prepare you tailored offer. You can send us e-mail or use form below – whatever suits you best.

In order to present you the most suitable prices and yacht, please include information about dates from-to (and if are flexible), how many Guests will be onboard and what other extras are you interested in, eg. skipper service.

Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Yacht details


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